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Training and Education

Training and Education for for IoT sales teams and executive leaders:

We are training professionals and sales teams on the following subjects:

  • IoT technology: We teach and train on various technologies that make up the IoT ecosystem, including hardware, software, networking, and security, is crucial for IoT sales leaders. This training covers the technical aspects of IoT, as well as the business benefits and applications of IoT technology.

  • IoT market trends: We assist leaders with keeping up-to-date with the latest IoT market trends and technologies. This involves attending industry events, reading industry publications, and offering IoT-focused training programs.

  • IoT sales strategy: We assist and enable developing a comprehensive sales strategy for IoT solutions. This training covers the key components of an IoT sales strategy, including market segmentation, target audience identification, and lead generation.

  • IoT value proposition: We teach on how to articulate the best value proposition and KPI's of IoT solutions to IoT sales leaders. This training covers the key benefits of IoT solutions, as well as the most effective ways to communicate these benefits to customers.

  • IoT sales techniques: We train the skills necessary to effectively sell IoT solutions, such as the right prospecting, qualification, and closing techniques for IoT solutions sales. This trainings cover the most effective sales techniques for IoT solutions, as well as how to handle objections and overcome objections.

  • IoT sales enablement: We ensure that sales teams have the tools and resources they need to effectively sell IoT solutions. These trainings cover the most effective sales enablement tools and practices, including training materials, product demonstrations, and sales presentations.

  • Continuing education and professional development are important for IoT sales leaders to stay current with the latest developments and trends in the IoT industry. We organize conferences and events, provide webinars and training sessions, and publish in industry publications.

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