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IoT Consulting
for Your Industry

Energy & Utilities

Our clients are active in the space of Smart Metering, Microgrids, Renewable Energy Integration, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, Resource Optimization, Energy System Management and Smart buildings.

Transportation and Logistics

IoT devices and sensors are used to track the location and condition of goods in transit, optimize delivery routes, and increase operational efficiency. We worked with a company that provides IoT enabled integrated solutions for fleet management. 

Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing

We work with Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics companies that are active in manufacturing verticals such as Aerospace, Automotive Manufacturing, Machine Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Computer, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing and other manufacturing verticals.


IoT in Agriculture optimizes irrigation systems, improves crop management.  IoT sensors and devices can be placed on animals to monitor their health and track their movements. We worked with large dairies to improve animals health and optimize fertility. 

Smart Homes

Smart homes: IoT devices are used to automate and control various aspects of the home environment, such as lighting, heating, cooling, and security.One of our clients had a smart home battery system for peak shaving and back-up power.


IoT devices, such as wearable sensors and smart medical equipment, are used to monitor patients' health, track vital signs, and provide remote patient care.Home monitoring systems allow patients and doctors to keep track of an individual's health when not in the doctor's office to prevent unnecessary and costly trips to sit down with a physician.

Retail and Hospitality

Retail: IoT devices, such as smart shelves, handheld devices, scanners and RFID tags, are used to improve inventory management, enhance customer experience, and increase operational efficiency.We helped IT software companies to assist retailers to increase their uptime of handheld devices with remote support software and augmented reality.

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